Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Related

  1. Can I choose my seats?  

    No, you will not be able to manually pick your seat. The system will assign the seat(s) accordingly on a “next best available” manner in your preferred seat category.

    How many tickets can I purchase in one transaction?  

    The maximum number of tickets per transaction can vary from event to event depending on the organizer’s decision. The system will indicate and prevent users to add on amount after the maximum ticket cap is met.

    How long does each session last?  

    You will need to complete your ticket purchase within 10 minutes. If payment is not received from your end before the session ends, the seat will be released for other users.

    How to know whether my ticket is successfully purchased?  

    You will be directed to a confirmation page and a confirmation email containing details of your order will be sent to your registered email within a few minutes time after we receive your payment.

    Payment were made but did not get a confirmation email?  

    Please check your “Spam” or “Junk Mail” folder. You may email us for further assistance if you do not receive your confirmation email 30 minutes after successful payment.

    Why am I directed to a waiting room?  

    For certain events with high traffic, our system will trigger a waiting room to ensure a smooth ticket purchasing experience for users. Please keep an eye on the queue timer without refreshing the page and while you are waiting, kindly make up your mind on your preferred category and ticket quantity.

    Can I purchase tickets from different categories in 1 transaction?  

    No. You can only purchase ticket(s) from 1 category each transaction. The system will capture the last seat selection to proceed to payment.


Ticket Related

  1. Can I cancel or change my ticket?  

    No. Once your transaction is completed and confirmed, no refunds or exchanges will be entertained.

    Where do I collect my ticket?  

    Your ticket will be emailed to you and no hard copy will be provided by Just make sure you have your pdf format ticket from the confirmation email and you’re good to go.

    Do I need to print out my ticket?  

    Not really. We only need to scan the QR code on your ticket for admission so a soft copy in your phone would suffice.

    Can I buy my ticket from a third party?  

    We do not recommend that as there are risks to doing so. The ticket might not be valid and and the organizer will not be hold responsible for any lost caused by purchasing tickets from an unauthorized reseller.

  6. Supporting documents to bring along during event date for verification:  

  1. The ticket purchaser is required to bring along all the following for verification purposes:

    1. The credit/debit card used for the purchase.

    2. NRIC/Passport/Valid picture ID.

    3. Clear print out/digital copy of the confirmation email.

    Please note that the management/promoter reserves the right to not verify the ticket(s) shall any of the requirement of the above not be met.


    I have purchased ticket(s) on behalf of friends or family, but I am not available to attend the event. How do I ensure that they will be able to attend the event?  

  2. Please prepare the following supporting document for verification purposes:

    1. An authorisation letter completed and signed by the credit/debit card holder.

    2. A photocopy of the credit/debit card holder’s NRIC/Passport.

    3. A photocopy of the credit/debit card used to purchase the tickets which clearly indicated the card number.

    Please note that the management/promoter reserves the right to not release the ticket(s) shall any of the requirements of the above not be met.


Payment Related

  1. What are the administrative charges for event tickets?  

    A transaction fee of RM10 for each transaction and RM 4 Processing Fee for each ticket will be applied.

    What are the available payment methods to purchase ticket(s)?


    Currently the available payment method is a Visa / MasterCard Credit & debit Card, online banking and e-wallet.

    When I enter my card information, the website requests a CVV code. What is the CVV code?

    CVV is a 3-digit code encoded on the back of the Visa/MasterCard credit & debit card.  

    You can find it on the back of the card next to the magnetic strip.


    Why has my card been charged while my booking failed?  

    This is a very rare scenario which might cause by unstable internet connection or purchase session expired. Kindly email us at [email protected] and we will refund to you within 3 weeks' time.

    How long will the refund be credited to my payment card?  

    Depending on the policies of each bank, it might take up to 15-30 business days for the reversal to take effect. Kindly email us at [email protected] for further assistance.


Account Related

  1. Why do I need to create an account with  

    We are always looking to expand our member perks, make sure to join us to enjoy more benefits. When you’re logged in:

    1. Ticket purchased will be linked to your account. You can recall your booking(s) easily.

    2. The system will fill your contact information when you buy your tickets for a faster purchase progress.


    How to create an account with Etix?  

    Step 1: At the log in page, click “Sign up here” and register with your email address.  
    Step 2: Validate your account with the link sent to your email.  
    Step 3: You’re good to go! Log in and enjoy our member only feature.  
  3. Website shows “Email already been registered” error when I tried to sign up.  

    If you don’t remember the password you used to register previously, kindly use the “Forgot Password” function at Login page to retrieve your account.

    What if I forgotten my password?  

    Go to Login page and click "Forgot Password”. System will email a link to reset your password.

    “Account not activated” error when trying to log in.  

    Kindly check your email inbox to complete the registration process. If you did not receive the verification email, please click the “Click here” at the statement to resend another verification email.

    Email verification failed?  

    Please click on the “Resend verification email” button and retry. Please make sure you proceed with the new email link as Etix system will only recognize the latest verification link sent.

    How do I edit my profile information?  

    You can update your name, contact and password at “My Account” when you’re logged in.



  1. What is the best browser with Etix?  

    Etix website can support Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera currently. We are working on supporting more browsers in future.

    Why is this website slow?


    We have optimized the website speed, to offer the best experience for customers, we also ask you to occasionally check your internet connection with an Internet Service Provider.

    I have booked a ticket through etix, but the event has been cancelled/postponed


    If there is a cancellation/postponement, please refer to the official announcement from the organizer of Etix for further information and action.


  4. How to sell my event tickets on


    Kindly drop us an email and we will get in touch with you for further action.